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BLUETOOTH STEREO OPTION with two pop-up speakers

A quality spa deserves a quality stereo system. This is why we only install Poly Planner stereos, subwoofers and speakers in our spas. Elegant design, unsurpassed sound, and solid waterproof construction ensures your stereo will perform throughout the years. These systems are specially created for wet, humid environments that would cause issues for most electronics.


For climates that stay close to or below freezing for most of the year, we offer the Roxul extreme insulation package. Quality Greenguard insulation pillows are completely sealed for years of worry-free use and provide the highest in energy-efficient insulation.


Drastically reduces exposure to toxic chemicals
Studies show that chlorine and bromine can cause you and your children harm. ClearBlue minimizes the need for chemicals in your spa.

Clean, clear and natural water
No amount of chemicals alone will make the water in your spa look so
exceptionally clear.

No chemical odor
Everyone recognizes the smell of chlorine or bromine that comes with
swimming and soaking. With ClearBlue, there is no chemical odor.

Doesn’t dry your skin or hair
If you are a regular swimmer, you know how dry your skin can get. It’s
even worse if you sit in a hot tub or spa for long periods. ClearBlue
conditions the water and replaces chemicals so you come out looking
and feeling great.

Safe for the environment
Water drained from a ClearBlue spa is completely safe and will not harm
your surrounding plants or landscape.

Automated maintenance
Forget about feeding a salt system or storing toxic chemicals. With
ClearBlue, you set it and forget it.

We have been using the ClearBlue Ionizer now for 5 years in both
our pool and our hot tub. We are very happy with the results
of clear water without the smell of chlorine and the effects of
chlorine on swimming suits! - Fred Webb, CA, United States